Truth: A Recipe for Good Health

Optimal Health-recipe

Optimal Health-the Recipe

We often think of being healthy as not being sick.  And while that is a big part of it, being healthy requires living your best life-so that body, mind and spirit all can work together as one (which they are) and you can thrive.

There is no magic pill or potion, and perfection is not required (lucky for us!) but these ingredients are critical.


  1. Connection to something greater than yourself, purpose
  2. Community
  3. Optimal Exercise
  4. Optimal Diet and hydration
  5. Not Sitting excessively
  6. Sunlight and fresh air
  7. A mindset of hope and possibility
  8. Restorative sleep
  9. Control of your stress response
  10. Informed Healthcare Decision Making


Make a plan to address the above areas.  Address what seems most impactful to you first, with a schedule time to address the remaining issues.

Work where you can be successful.

Track your progress, keep challenging and progressing.

Notice and savor every effort and accomplishment you make.  Utilize a coach or a “buddy” to help hold yourself accountable.

Always evaluate your progress and efforts with curiosity and compassion-NOT judgement.  Use your observations to revise your plan.

ENJOY the journey as well as the results!!