shifting your thinking-wt stigma

Play this recording (many times) to help shift your thinking from an anti-fat mindset to a self-acceptance, exquisite self care mindset!

You can record in your own voice-here’s the transcript

Even though I don’t like how I look and wish I was thinner,

I like the idea of accepting myself as I am.

Those two things can happen at the same time.

I can choose to accept myself, to give my self compassion, patience, and good care.

I can think good thoughts about myself regardless of my size or what I weigh.

I like seeing future me as confidant, assertive, thoughtful, as someone who can “put her oxygen mask on first”, someone who doesn’t feel guilty about prioritizing my well-being.

I like the idea of feeling like I deserve to accept and care for myself, even if I am not the size I have dreamed of for some part of my life.

I know this will bring me greater energy and inspiration.  I know this will feel better

I am open to changing how I think about my weight, my size.

I am open to recognizing that my worth is not measured on a scale.

I am open to accepting great health at any size, but practicing exquisite self-care.

Exquisite self-care, exquisite self-care, exquisite self-care…

OOOO, it sounds so fancy, so special.

Yes it is special, and I am ready to start feeling worth it right….now.