This interview with my friend, business coach Leanne Cannon on her show gives a great overview of how I can help you.  I share information and skills that will help anyone achieve or maintain their best health, but I love working with folks are are already caught in the medical mill, like folks with Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, Heart Disease.  They (you, perhaps?) can experience such transformation and a renewal of “themselves” as they regain their health and energy.  That is so rewarding and exciting.  This is not “alternative medicine” but an alternative way to approach YOUR OWN health care.  You learn what works, and what doesn’t.

When you work with me, you also become a member of Wellness Forum Health-a health care company that has been in business over 20 years, which operates out of Columbus, Oh.  This membership is your greatest tool to becoming truly informed about optimal diet and lifestyle habits, with loads of free classes,videos, recipes-all at your fingertips.