Mindset Reset-Age with Strength and Grace

Aging with Grace-downloadable, printable pdf

  • Read/say the “mindset reset” (out loud is best) when you are feeling resistance to the possibility or opportunity of aging well.
  • Keep it light, keep it easy.  This should feel fun!
  • If it doesn’t, back it up.  Shift the wording so that it feels right for you. (my language is different than yours).  And if you feel like you are trying to fool yourself, keep tweaking till it feels right.
  • Try to fall into a nice easy cadence…repeat phrases that feel good.


Aging with Grace

Aging with strength and grace. Thriving as I age…

I love the idea of it-and I’d like to shift my thinking around this.

I love the idea of looking forward to aging with vitality, to thriving and enjoying life with those I love, fulfilling my purpose, making meaning in my live throughout my whole life.

Many elderly people do amazing things, unlimited by their age

like running 5K’s (marathons even!), power lifting, dancing, doing ministry, running a business…why not me?

I LOVE the idea of being the person who smashes that myth that equates aging with weakness, dependance, frailty!

I love thinking of myself as a strong, active, lively person as I age.

I am open to that reality, I am open to letting that be my way.

I like feeling good, feeling uplifted about it.

I am open to being strong and vital.

I can feel myself getting stronger each time I do the things that help me attain and maintain that strength.

I am strong, I get around easily, this thriving is mine for the taking.

Interesting, invigorating, rewarding experiences are waiting for me to enjoy with this strong body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to really knowing it, feeling it “I am strong, I can do all sorts of things I enjoy.

Strength has little to do with age.

What a powerful way of thinking and living.

Thinking that way can help me start living that way right.now.

Mary Marshall, BSN, RN mary@eat-learn-live.com https://www.eat-learn-live.com

You can “DIY” your own mindset resets about all sorts of things-you can follow a simple “recipe”

  • I am open to…
  • I like the idea of
  • I am noticing a shift
  • It is starting to feel good, to feel exciting
  • I am feeling it right. now.  I am starting right now…