Mantras for Mindset

How to Mantra  –Click here for pdf version  

Think about something you want, or a state of mind you would like to enjoy (calm, success, peacefulness), or something you would like to achieve (like consistently enjoying a LFWFPB way of eating). Create a phrase that captures that desire as if it already has been attained. Your mantra must be believable to you-at least the possibility of it. You don’t need to know HOW something will happen, or how you will get to it, just enjoy imagining it, enjoy expecting it.  It may feel odd at first, but like many new things, you adapt to it!

To create that pathway in the brain, mantras need a lot of repetition. Like at least 25x’s a day, for several weeks. I like the habit of saying mantras while I walk the dog. Another good time is while driving. But the key is not overthinking it, not trying to figure out how the thing will happen. If you find yourself “arguing” with your mantra-tweak it or try a different one.

For example: you choose a mantra like “I am exquisitely healthy”. Say at present you have a painful condition, and it is hard for you to believe that mantra as much as you wish it was true. You could shift to something like “I appreciate my body and I look forward to finding more ease and peace”.

Mantras should be short, a few words, a short phrase. Otherwise, it gets kind of clunky repeating it 25-50 times! The key is that the mantra should feel good, feel fun. You shouldn’t be worrying if you are “doing it right”. There are no mantra police out there!

Mantras aren’t magic wands, and I can’t say every mantra I have ever used has yielded what I hoped.

I don’t recommend only using mantras to try to achieve your best health. I can say though that mantras do help create more positive energy and expectation around your desires. They remind you of your hopes and dreams, they make them seem more accessible. They are one of the quickest and easiest practices to incorporate into your daily routine.

Try it with something really simple and non-emotional, like “I see the color blue everywhere”. See what happens. (I would love it if you let me know!  Email me:!)  More importantly track what happens, what you notice as you are using a mantra.  See if it’s a good tool for you or if you want to learn more about them!  Remember-keep it fun!