growth vs fixed mindsets

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Fixed Mindset

  • I can’t     I hate     I’ll never
  • Having to work at something indicates lack of ability.
  • Need to affirm or prove ability
  • Will not engage with something that threatens sense of high ability or that will reveal deficiency.
  • Only engaged/interested when doing well.
  • Inaccurate in estimating abilities Threatened
  • Talented or you have to work at it
  • Effort is a big risk-if you work at something and don’t succeed, then your lack of superiority/ability is evident.

(can lead to regret later for not even trying)

Growth Mindset

  • Love of challenge
  • Curiosity
  • Belief in payoff of effort
  • Resilience in face of setbacks
  • Greater/more creative success
  • Much more receptive to criticism/feedback and get better results after it.
  • Instead of proving ability, improve ability
  • Much more accurate in estimating abilities
  • Inspired by success of others
  • Big effort is a big opportunity to grow and achieve big things!