Do You Believe It’s Possible?

FUN EXERCISE NUMBER ONE-The thinking part of this exercise may take a little time (but you can think while you take a walk or even a drive).  The writing part could take as little as 15 minutes.

Your thoughts can create your reality.  I want to help you LEVERAGE that information to grab your best life now!

So let’s start with this awareness exercise.  Let this be fun, gain some new understanding of yourself-have fun and appreciate yourself!

  1. Think about what you really want for your health, your well-being, your way of showing up in the world (meaning what kind of energy do you want to have, how do you want to enjoy life, serve others, who do you want to spend time with, what do you want to do).  Dream on this for a little while, then set a timer and write or type it down.  Don’t worry about your grammar or spelling right now, and gently put aside any thoughts that pop up telling you reasons you CAN”T, just put down what you really desire.  In coaching we call this “crafting your vision”.

2. Which aspects of this “vision” do you enjoy already, if even in small ways?

3. Do you believe you can attain and enjoy this vision?  Really, really believe it?  To really answer this well-consider:

  • what thoughts popped up when you were thinking about your vision?  were there any “oh that is just a pipe dream” or “it’d be great but….” thoughts.
  • any I could do it if only …(some life circumstance was changed) thoughts
  • what emotions came up as you were thinking about and writing your vision (no wrong answers here!)

4. Are there parts of your vision you feel “stuck” around-maybe you’ve been trying to attain it for what feels like a long time.    What thoughts do you have about these things?  Are there “Always, never, everybody, nobody phrases that come up?  Try to identify what “stories” you tell yourself about these parts.

5. Challenge those “sticky” stories-are they true, all of the time, some of the time, never??  Recognize where maybe your thinking is off target.  Recognize where and when things DO work out the way you want, or YOU follow through to achieve what you want.

6. Identify what makes you feel really happy, excited, or hopeful about your vision. Especially things that you already are doing or enjoying, even if in a small way.  Enjoy and dwell in that feeling.

7.  Can you identify thoughts that are getting in your way?  Write them down.

8. Reframe those thoughts…that can look something like this.

  • Thought “I never have time to exercise”
  • Challenge that-NEVER???  Are there things you do that move your body that you enjoy?  Do you do them sometimes?
  • Remember how exercise fits in with your vision in a meaningful way (for me that would be “exercise is a way for me to get my body able to do things I love whenever I want to”
  • Reframe the thought “EVEN THOUGH I feel like I never have time to exercise-I do enjoy the opportunities I get to move my body, especially outdoors…I love the thought of being able to do whatever I want to do that might be physically demanding”-it just opens up so many fun and exciting possibilities.  Other people figure this out, I just might be able to do it too.  I like the idea of feeling fit and strong-and I have a lot of fun when I do ______ or _______,
  • You can go on ad lib here as much as you want as long as it stays fun, light and easy.
  • Create a shift away from blah, hopeless or negative to willingness, positive expectation, fun!


Click here for a pdf of this exercise you can print! FUN EXERCISE NUMBER ONE