Coaches Corner-Issue 8

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Last issue in Coaches Corner, we talked about setting a goal to “play” with a mantra.  Goals are effective if you review, revise and progress your behaviors to move from short terms success to achieving and realizing long terms dreams and desires.

Let’s check in with that mantra goal (or you can use these steps to review any goal you have recently set for yourself).

  • How did it go? Assign a percentage to your goal success.  This shifts from an “I did it or I failed” mindset to getting some objective information that you can use.



  • Did you notice a benefit from the practice (even if it was satisfaction at taking some kind of action)



  • Could something make it easier for you to accomplish the goal more consistently or fit it more seamlessly into your life?


  • Are you ready to progress to a different goal or stretch yourself further?



Remember, be specific with goals, set a timeframe or desired “deadline”, and ALWAYS set a time to review your progress.  Set achievable goals, break bigger goals into a process and make each step in the process a goal.  See the connection between your goals and your vision for yourself-your dreams and your desires for how you want to show up in the world.