Mindset Reset-Optimal Health for Optimal Weight

Great Health is accessible across a wide range of weights and body shapes and sizes.

Sounds too good to be true, but I am open to shifting my thinking around this.

I like the idea of focusing on my health, my well-being, on taking good care of myself.

Focusing on these things so that I can enjoy my very best life makes good sense.

Doing the things that make me healthy will let my body function at its very best-with joy, ease, energy, strength and vitality. (I’ll have me some of that, thank you!)

Being of high weight does not disqualify me from a healthy life. People of high weight can have interesting fulfilling jobs, can be creative, active and strong.

Weight loss isn’t a pre-requisite for good living a good life. But being healthy and living a good life WILL help me land at MY best weight and continuing those things will help me stay there easily. (repeat this a few times!)

Doing what makes you healthy makes you health, not weighing a certain amount!

Even if I might want to look differently than I do now, I don’t NEED to be thinner or a smaller size to be healthy-though I may need to make some changes in my life.

I am open to that, because I want to look forward to good health, energy, ease, opportunity to do what I want.

I like thinking about all the possibilities of what I can do when I feel strong, in ease, when my body, mind and spirit are all functioning at their best.

I am feeling the shift in my thinking-I like this outlook, I like focusing on taking good care of my self.

I like looking forward to enjoying my best health and enjoying MY best weight

Doing what makes me healthy will make me healthy, not weighing a certain amount, whatever happens with my weight.

I can be healthy at any size.

I can start my journey to my best health, and my best weight right.now.


Mary Marshall, BSN, RN mary@eat-learn-live.com https://www.eat-learn-live.com