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Help you cut through the confusing messages about health and medical care, make the best decisions about what to eat, lifestyle habits, and how you consume healthcare. I want to reassure you that choosing to take the best care of yourself can open the door to a vibrant, joyful, purposeful life-no matter your age.

Are you scared? Sick? Tired? In Pain?

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 Wellness Forum Health membership gives you the resources to help you learn how to get healthy, stay healthy, and to take control of your own well-being.  This is evidence based information, backed by 22 years of experience.

Regain or maintain optimal health

Not only are lower cholesterol, blood pressure weight-loss and less pain possible (likely even)-but better long term outcomes-so you can live long, die short!

Learn optimal diet and lifestyle habits

Many of the world’s longest living populations who also have the lowest chronic disease rates adopt common diet and lifestyle habits.  A low-fat whole foods plant strong diet, regular exercise are two common habits among these peoples.

Learn to evaluate health claims and medical information

You CAN evaluate health claims about medications, supplements, tests, vaccines, and treatments.  I will show you how.

Participate in constructive conversations with your healthcare providers.

These relationships can and should be two-way, mutually respectful.  Your thoughts and concerns should always be considered.  You will learn how to interview and question your care providers, and even how to share evidence based information with them.

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About Me

I believe it is every individual’s right to be fully informed of the benefits and risks of all recommended tests, pills, procedures and programs they will consider for their health and wellbeing-as well as any effective alternatives that might be available.  I know this is not how healthcare is usually practiced, and I hope to change that.

I have been in healthcare as a registered nurse for over 30 years, specializing in health and wellness.  I have seen the suffering that accompanies chronic illness, like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  The science is clear that we can prevent and resolve much of this suffering.  You CAN not just FEEL better, but you can GET BETTER!  Let me help you.


I have appreciated having Mary as a concierge in assisting me to better understand my chronic health issues. She has a caring spirit and explained medical terminology in a way I could understand. She taught me how best to help myself by following a plant based diet and exercise. She answered my questions and recommended books which challenged me in knowing what to do to help myself. Informed Health 101 and 201 is a helpful study -Mary is a great teacher and encourager…



I first heard about WFPB food plan from Mary, as she spoke at our library. I thought I knew it all about a healthy eating lifestyle. Was I ever wrong!  That night I joined the Wellness Forum. I also attended Mary’s classes. She offered a wealth of information and even prepared food for us. From that first experience, I have adapted this lifestyle. I slip sometimes, but get back on it. I feel better and have lost ten pounds as additional plus I wasn’t counting on. I highly recommend attending Mary’s classes and Wellness Forum.



3 years ago Mary Suggested we try a life style change, My husband pushing, 300 lb said,,” I’ll Give this program 6 weeks, if it doesn’t work were are back to eating like we always have”! After  6 weeks he had lost 35 lbs.& was surprised how this program could work ! 3 years later & 80 yrs. Young he has lost 90 lbs,down 2 pant sizes, off Cholesterol Meds & Blood pressure meds. have been cut in half.I myself had been on Hormone replacement & no longer take them.
We also took many supplements & no longer take them. We are diffently in this for LIFE!
Keep up the good work Mary, you are a great leader for this program!!


If you are looking to get healthy and not sure how to get started, then you need to contact Mary to introduce you to the correct way to a new healthy lifestyle via way of a plant based diet, you will enjoy working with Mary and her team, and in no time feel the results!


Informative Videos

Oh Sugar!

Oh,Sugar! High sugar intake is claimed to be the cause of Type 2 diabetes.  Listen here, there is more to the story!

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

If you are considering any diet, know the risks and benefits.  Here is some info on the Ketogenic Diet.

Check back soon, new videos added monthly!  Got a Q?  Send it to me, maybe I will make a video out of the answer!

Get the right information.

Take Control. 

Enjoy your best health.

Are you well informed?  I thought I was!                                                     But the truth is, many health care practices and recommendations are not based on any evidence that they will help you live better (longer perhaps).

You can live longer AND better…I like to say, “Live long, die short!”

Spend your time and money doing WHAT you love, with WHO you love!

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